The battle of Ali vs. Frazier is one of the most ruthless rivalries in Sports history, and it changed the world of professional boxing. It differed from other Sports rivalries, probably because these two gladiators were beating the living crap out of each other continuously for four years. The rivalry cut deep for both Ali and Frazier, who still talk crap about one another to this day. Do I smell a rematch?

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Of all the people that have a right to hate Lindsay Lohan, her enemy seems to be Sobriety, because she’s doing everything she can to keep it out of her life. Well, at least her parents are sane enough to take care of her…oh, wait…(featured on, the premier online destination for all things ridiculously funny).

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Cheetahs are Nature’s dragsters, but despite their incredible capabilities, they’re horrifically endangered. Luckily, the innovative minds behind the Cheetah Conservation Fund have manufactured a rivalry between Cheetahs and Karabash Dogs (also called Anatolian Shepherds) that’s helping to preserve the Porsche of the animal kingdom: the majestic cheetah.

cheetah vs kangal dog famous rivalries africa animal

The rivalry of Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue is like a nerdy real-life “John Connor vs. Terminator” scenario. Russian Grandmaster Garry Kasparov defended the human race in a dramatic three-part “Man vs. Super-Intelligent Machine” showdown against the world’s biggest, strongest, and fastest chess playing computer on Earth: Deep Blue.

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The rivalry of The Hatfields vs. The McCoys is the epitome of American rivalries, but it really just makes me wish that Cops was around in the late 1800’s because that would have been the best 13 seasons ever.

Famous Rivalries Hatfields vs McCoys